Prioritizing patient safety, Dr. Marco Bo Hansen shares his expertise in a national DR campaign on flesh-eating bacteria in Denmark

DR, the official broadcasting company of Denmark, has provided a series of documentaries, podcasts, and articles on necrotizing soft tissue infections, otherwise known as flesh-eating diseases. This is a bacterial infection that is fatal to vital body soft tissue.

The media (in Danish) features several health experts sharing on patient safety, bedside manner, questions from the community, and etiquette across the healthcare sector. 

One featured guest is Sani Nudge’s own Dr. Marco Bo Hansen, a hand hygiene expert whose Ph.D. studies in necrotizing soft tissue infections make him an expert for both the impacts of the disease and the prevention methods.

You can hear more from Marco on prevention methods by tuning into his podcast, the Hygiene and infection prevention network.


The series produced 4 episodes in a podcast (names in English) for the project:

The flesh-eating bacteria podcast

1:4 – Rejected by the doctor on duty

2:4 – Every hour counts

3:4 – A crackling sound

4:4 – “I thought they had changed it” 


The series produced television news programs (names in English) for the project:

21 Søndag: Flesh-eating bacteria affect Danes


The series produced a 3-episode documentary (names in English) for the project:

The flesh-eating bacteria
1. Mathilde’s fight


“17-year-old Mathilde is at a party in 1st grade and cuts her hand on a bottle. 48 hours later, she is lying on an operating table, fighting for her life. DR Dokumentar focuses on carnivorous bacteria, which affect more and more Danes. Organization: Jonatan Placing. Expires: 19 Sep 2022”

2. Søren’s accident

“44-year-old Søren Rosenlund Christensen is a top editor in top form. He crashes a bicycle and gets a wound on his knee. Less than two days later, he is flown by helicopter to specialists at Rigshospitalet, who must try to save his life. Soren has been infected by carnivorous bacteria. Organization: Jonatan Placing. Expires: 19 Sep 2022”
3. Henrik’s death
“Henrik Winther, 44, has a banal knee operation. One week later, his body is so infected with carnivorous bacteria that his life cannot be saved. His case is just one of several warnings to authorities that doctors are overlooking the disease. Organization Jonatan Placing. Expires: 19 Sep 2022”



The series produced a radio segment (names in English) for the project:


Monday 20. sept. 2021

“Why is Ishøj’s mayor now facing massive criticism? Today, DR brings a documentary entitled “The carnivorous bacteria”. The bacterium spreads rapidly and can ultimately kill a human. What do we know about the carnivorous bacterium? For the past three years, it has been possible to get treatment for compulsive overeating, also called BED. What do politicians say to the decision to close the treatment offers? Today’s hosts: Kirstine Dons Christensen & Anders Bech-Jessen.”

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