Contact Tracing

The Contact Tracing solution can help hospitals prepare for and control outbreaks of contagious diseases, especially during a pandemic. Accurate data means smarter, more timel decision-making.

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With Sani Nudge Contact Tracing,
you and your colleagues can:

Optimize costs by saving up to €356,754 per out break in your facility.


Identify exposed staff, patients, and contaminated rooms in minutes instead of hours.


Reduce the use of temporary workers by stopping the spread of infections.


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Key Benefits

Fast & Accurate Insights

Fast & Accurate Insights

Sani Nudge Contract Tracing allows for access to all on-site interactions and provides actionable insights within a few minutes, helping hospital staff to effectively limit the spread of infectious diseases.



Sani Nudge Contact Tracing is easy and fast to implement. It requires no involvement from IT, and can be installed within a few hours without impacting the workflow of staff.

Improved Safety & Security

Improved Safety & Security

Employing automated contact tracing reduces the number of unnecessary isolations during an outbreak and ensures a higher level of safety and security at your workplace.

How it Works

Sani ID

A Sani ID is easily attached to an existing name badge where it records every employee-to-patient and employee-to-employee interaction

Sani Sensor

Sani Sensors are placed in strategically relevant places to create invisible zones that identify patient and healthcare worker contacts


An intuitive dashboard provides access to all on-site interactions, allowing staff to quickly identify exposed individuals at risk of infection

 We have seen significant and sustainable results across our departments since the introduction of the Sani nudge solution.

“Clinical Nursing Specialist Aarhus University Hospital”

Anne-Mette Iversen