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How it works



A sensor is installed on your existing dispenser solution from where it registers each sanitation and provide positive feedback when used.



The Sani ID is permanently attached to existing name tags, from where it collects and shares each hand hygiene opportunity anonymously.



The Sani sensor is placed above the patient beds and creates an invisible zone that identifies patient contact according to WHOs guidelines.

Our Story

Anne-Mette Iversen, a clinical nurse specialist at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark had tried to improve the hospital’s hand hygiene compliance using flyers, stickers, training and posters, nothing had worked. The flyers piled up in the staff desk drawers and her team forgot their training after just few weeks. She knew that the direct methods of observation for compliance were impacted by the “Hawthorne Effect” which made her unable to prove the impact of her team’s improvement work. The hand hygiene compliance data was unreliable, and this made her unable to understand the possible risk of infections that was placed on the patients. This frustration created Sani nudge. 

Sani nudge was the solution we needed to improve our hand hygiene culture.

Anne-Mette Iversen

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Aarhus University Hospital

Why your hospital should invest in Sani nudge

Improve compliance

You have installed dispensers all over your hospital. Help your staff remember to use them.

Decrease infections

64% reduction experience by two University hospitals after using Sani nudge for one year.

Get reliable data

Sani nudge provides reliable data so you know if your improvement work have an impact. 

We are clinically validated

Sani nudge is committed to cutting-edge research conducted with integrity as a way to continuously improve our solution. The hand hygiene compliance data is clinically validated and backed by several healthcare institutions around Europe to comply with the five moments for hand hygiene by WHO.

With several publications in journals such as American Journal of Infection Control (ajic) you can trust the data the system provides.

Insight that drives culture change

Sani analytics guides your hand hygiene culture

Insight into hand hygiene compliance like never seen before. Digital solutions to host weekly hand hygiene meetings with the wards, understand the division of compliance in the teams, enable each individual to anonymously access their own data and nudge wards to improve. 

Get access to the live demo now and experience how the system can empower you and your colleagues to have a better hand hygiene culture. 

Your data is safe with us

We ensure that employees' data is stored in compliance with all relevant
legislation, including the stringent requirements of the GDPR.

Easy to implement

Help every employee drive the change
they want to see


Hand hygiene compliance is one of the most critical measures in healthcare for patient safety. Accurate reporting of compliance and improvement work have been proven in hundreds of peer-reviewed articles to significantly reduce the number of healthcare acquired infections.


In 2015, in order to get data and improve hand hygiene compliance in her hospital, Anne-Mette Iversen mobilized a team led by engineers, clinical professionals and behavior scientists to design the Sani nudge. The solution was able to unobtrusively monitor hand hygiene compliance before and after patient contact and in other work situations such as management of medicine. The data was used to design a nudging method to positively reinforce good hand hygiene behavior of staff. Together with Bispebjerg hospital the system was tested and modified to provide validated data and to prove lasting improvement on hand hygiene compliance.


In 2018, the system validation was completed and the solution was ready to help other hospitals improve their hand hygiene compliance. The system has since proven to sustainably triple compliance scores for thousands of healthcare workers, at a low cost to the hospital and without impacting the workflow of the staff.


The study and development of the Sani nudge hand hygiene monitoring system have been supported with 1 million euro from the Danish government.