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sani nudge is committed to cutting-edge research conducted with integrity as a way to continuously improve our program.

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“It was nice to be able to discuss concrete situations, and in that way learn new things.”

Healthcare worker

University Hospital in Germany

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					<script type="rocketlazyloadscript" data-rocket-type="text/javascript">
    var spartezSupportChat = {
        portal: 2,
        cloud: {
            jiraId: 'c8c41478-48b9-3106-99ca-23b7f239f639',
            jiraUrl: '',
            urls: {
                rest: '',
                ws: 'wss://'
        //meta: [ // optional, custom metadata to store in the issue created from conversation.
        //    { render: true, name: "Value Name 1", value: val1 }, // "render" values will be displayed in the chat dashboard
        //    { render: false, name: "Value Name 2", value: val2 },
        // delay: 100, // delay between page load and chat load in milliseconds
        // container: 'spartez-support-chat-container', // ID of the page element that will be replaced by chat
        // iconClass: '', // additional class added to the chat icon
        // chatClass: '', // additional class added to the chat widget
        // locale: 'en-us' // force a specified locale for displaying texts to the user instead of detecting it from the browser
<script data-minify="1" type="text/javascript" src="" defer></script>