Get access to the Sani Nudge live demo dashboard.

Get access to a live demo of the Sani Nudge hand hygiene dashboard by filling out your information in the box. 

The dashboard will allow you to try out by yourself how the Sani Nudge dashboard works and experience how it will empower you to significantly and consistently improve your facilities hand hygiene culture.

What to expect in the live demo?

Real-time data that is easy to work with

Are you curious about how it feels to work with online hand hygiene compliance data? Then just type in your name and email. Shortly after you will receive an invitation to the platform where you can:

  • See how it is to have real-time hand hygiene data on hundreds of healthcare workers
  • See how the data enables can increase your performance
  • Discover how hand hygiene data varies when you have it for your your entire hospital for all staff at all time
  • How staff is kept anonymous 
  • How you can easy share data to with management whenever you need to