Antibiotic use in nursing facilities halved after a 2-hours course

Approx. 50% of all antibiotic use in the elderly population is prescribed due to urinary tract infections, thereby significantly increasing the risk of multi-resistant bacteria development. Thus, it is crucial to reduce the number of infections in the first place.

Very interesting results have recently been described in an article in the Danish National news[1]. Nurses and nurse assistants, working in nursing homes from 7 Danish municipalities, completed a short 2-hours course focusing on infections, hygiene and antibiotics which resulted in a 50% reduction in antibiotic usage based on a reduction in urinary tract infections.

“Department nurse Emilie Hitz Olsson in Nordhoej Nursing Home sanitizes hands. Not only once. But again and again and again. Her uniform has short sleeves. She does not wear any hand jewelry, no watch, has short nails, no nail polish and the hair is pulled back into a ponytail”.

In Sani Nudge, we recognize the results described above. Data from our system show that education can triple healthcare worker’s hand hygiene compliance when using the Sani Nudge system to help focus on critical areas with poor hygiene in hospitals and nursing homes. This reduces the number of hospital-acquired infections, antibiotic usage and sick leave among the healthcare workers.

It is a very interesting finding that a simple 2-hours course is able to significantly change the behavior of healthcare workers, but it is only on a temporary basis. Research has shown that newly acquired knowledge needs to be maintained and new learning methods introduced on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, the healthcare workers will revert to old habits and behavioral patterns[2].

In Sani Nudge we offer hospitals and healthcare workers an clinically proven 5-step learning and improvement process based on data from our system. The learning process is tailored to the individual needs and works with group dynamics. This data-driven approach to hygiene behavior change helps the healthcare workers to focus on areas and work-related tasks where they most often forget to sanitize, which has proven very effective and shown long-term and consistent improvement to hand hygiene compliance.    

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