Sani Nudge, 1 of 5 Danish Solutions Fighting COVID-19, Named in Report

“The strain on global healthcare systems and the crisis created by the spread of COVID-19 are unprecedented. Along with political action and established epidemics and protection measures, this situation also created an unprecedented awareness of the crucial role of innovative health technologies in managing such an extraordinary situation” (Automation of Healthcare Processes, Report Introduction).

Sani Nudge has been selected as 1 of only 5 Danish Healthcare solutions which significantly contributes to the fight against COVID-19. The catalogue titled “Automation of Healthcare Processes”, was created by Healthcare Denmark and Health Tech Hub Copenhagen. After being finalized in May 2020, the publication has been approved of by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of Denmark.

“This catalogue contains examples of Danish companies and solutions that have stepped up to
address the COVID-19 crisis in close cooperation with healthcare authorities and which have made
a clear difference for patients and healthcare professionals.
While not an exhaustive list, this selection has been made with a few key considerations in mind:
• High quality and reliability of the solutions and companies
• Proven results
• Fast implementation time in a global setting
• High value in a ‘regular’ healthcare setting post COVID-19“ (Automation of Healthcare Processes, Report Introduction).

The Ministry will distribute the catalogue to embassies and consulates in Italy and Spain in order to engage with the local trade councils with the aim of selling solutions, including Sani Nudge to these countries. 

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