Sani Nudge nominated for German Innovation awards 2019!

“Only companies with outstanding innovative achievements receive a nomination from the German Design Council.” – Andrej Kupetz

The Sani Nudge’s solution to improve hand hygiene in hospitals has been nominated for the German innovation awards 2019 by Rat für Formgebung (German Design Council).


The German Design Council has been organizing competitions that honor international achievements in design, branding, and innovation since 1953. The German Innovation Awards honor products and solutions that distinguish themselves primarily by their novelty, user centricity and added value. Sometimes you recognize them at first glance – but often this is not the case. The German Innovation Awards intend to change that. The competition makes outstanding achievements visible to a wide audience and ensures that they are successfully positioned in the market.

Now that Sani Nudge has been nominated, a panel of experts will review our solution. For each innovation they evaluate, emphasis will be put on the positive impact the innovations have on people’s lives. This is exactly what we do and stand for at Sani Nudge, and it makes the entire team behind Sani Nudge very proud and humble to receive recognition for our work through awards like these.

Early 2019 we will hear the final verdict of the jury.

Check out the video below to get an impression of this year’s event!

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