Published article: Light-guided nudging & data-driven feedback

A collaborative team of researchers from Aarhus, Bispebjerg, Copenhagen, and Copenhagen Rigshospitalet University Hospitals; Amager and Hvidovre Hospitals; and Sani Nudge hand hygiene technologies’ study on hand hygiene compliance has been selected to appear in the American Journal of Infection Control issued on the 7th of November, 2020.

The article is titled “Light-guided nudging and data-driven performance feedback improve hand hygiene compliance among nurses and doctors.”


  • Anne-Mette Iversen RN, MSc 
  • Marie Stangerup RN ,
  • Michelle From-Hansen RN 
  • Rosa Hansen RN ,
  • Louise Palasin Sode RN
  • Krassimir Kostadinov MD
  • Marco Bo Hansen MD, PhD
  • Henrik Calum MD, PhD
  • Svend Ellermann-Eriksen MD, Dr.M.Sci
  • Jenny Dahl Knudsen MD, Dr.M.Sci

The study which was divided into three phrases aimed to determine if a multimodal strategy, consisting of light-guided nudging and data-driven performance feedback on group and individual levels, can be used in a clinical context as a supporting tool to improve HHC among HCWs.Study highlights included:

  • Doctors (surgeons) have lower baseline hand hygiene compliance than nurses
  • Light-guided nudging and data-driven performance feedback improve compliance
  • Individual performance feedback might be more effective than group feedback
  • The Sani Nudge system detects more opportunities than using manual observations
  • Nurses and doctors disinfect hands more often after rather than before patient contact

To request a copy of the journal pre-proof and see the results please request the article at the link below.

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