Successful end to our collaboration with Innovationsfonden

In July 2017, Innovation Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden) backed Sani Nudge with €270.000 in support of our mission to eliminate hospital acquired infections in hospitals. Each year, Innovation Fund allocates funds to new high potential, knowledge-intensive initiatives. Their goal is to let the Danish society reap the benefits from the ideas they belief in. For Sani Nudge, this 1,5 year commitment was a crucial step in our development process.


Hardware is expensive to develop. The Innovation Fund was important for our development, because they gave a red thread to where we were going and kept it up every quarter without being seated by us. Their involvement led to significant improvements of hand hygiene in two Danish hospitals and best of all, we keep seeing positive results!

Anne-Mette Iversen, a nursing specialist from Aarhus Universitets Hospital had the following to say about our solution:

“Once a week I show the system’s data to the staff and discuss the situations where they should focus more to improve their hand hygiene. This led to great results! Before, hygiene compliance was 40% in the toilets and now it is steady at 90%. You have no idea how many hours we’ve spent improving ourselves. Now we finally have a system that can help us!”

After 1,5 years, the project by the Innovation Fund comes to an end. With the help and resources they provided, we will be looking to spread our system to more hospitals abroad and seek investors who can help us get traction in other parts of the European market. With distributors in Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and on-going negotiations with Hartmann to integrate the system into the company’s liquor dispensers we are already well underway!

To read the full article at Innovationsfonden’s website, click here (article is in Danish)

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