Danish MedTech company experiencing huge interest in hygiene solution

Copenhagen, Denmark – Sani Nudge’s connected monitoring system, uses IoT sensors to encourage and improve hand hygiene. The solution provides hospitals with valuable data on employee hygiene habits and patient contact. This is accomplished by using a behavioral reward’s technique known as nudging. Since the New Year, the company co-owned by the Zibra company inQvation, has experienced an explosive interest in their solution. This is reflected in the company’s Q1 2020 results, which have matched the entirety of the 2019 fiscal year. With the increased interest, Sani Nudge expects to quadruple annual revenue.          

Poor hand hygiene in the healthcare sector is a major problem. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 10 patients globally will acquire a Healthcare Associated Infection. Speaking to the statistics in Denmark, where Sani Nudge is based, Dr. Marco Bo Hansen, Medical Director shares that “More than 3,000 patients die each year due to infections which is largely due to lack of hand hygiene in Danish hospitals. Poor hand hygiene typically occurs because staff forgets to wash hands when they are busy. Hospitals that do not measure hand hygiene are acting blindly because they do not really know what the level of compliance is.

According to Sani Nudge’s own study, published in the American Journal of Infection Control, only 30 percent of healthcare professionals sanitized their hands in situations where it was required. At the same time, results have shown that hospitals using the Sani Nudge solution experience a threefold increase in staff compliance with hygiene rules.

“With a solution from Sani Nudge, the various hospital departments get reliable data that can position them to increase their hygiene levels.” Dr. Hansen emphasizes, adding that poor hand hygiene is not just a Danish problem, and Sani Nudge is experiencing great international interest during the COVID-19 health crisis.

“We can see from data that our solution helps to stop the spread of infection among staff and patients, which also leads to a sharp reduction in the absentee rate of healthcare staff of up to 72 percent. This is especially important in a time when there is a shortage of healthcare professionals. However, poor hand hygiene can also lead to the spread of infection in many ordinary workplaces, and we therefore receive daily inquiries from companies, as well as nursing homes both at home and abroad. They are all interested in our solution because employees – and of course preferably healthy employees – are the most important asset in any company,” points out Dr. Hansen. 

Great interest and high growth

The solution from Sani Nudge is currently in operation in Denmark, Germany, and Finland, with future developments expected in the Netherlands, Belgium, and UKLondon. “Interest is overwhelming, and we are currently in negotiations with hospitals and nursing homes across Europe, as medical center’s are noting significant increasing results for staff’s monitoring hand hygiene with our solution,” says Theis Jensen, CEO of Sani Nudge.

“Growth will mainly come from our expansion abroad, where we are fully focused on building partnerships,” says Theis Jensen. He then paints a broader picture of Sani Nudge’s future plans:

“We have high expectations for a new solution, which will be launched at the end of 2020. Its primary purpose is to allow hospitals to track equipment so that individual departments do not have to spend resources looking for assets that can be critical to the treatment of patients. This new solution will utilize the existing Sani IoT sensors.” 

For Danish Version: Dansk medicovirksomhed oplever kæmpe interesse for hygiejneløsning


 About Sani Nudge 

Sani Nudge is a data driven MedTech company, dedicated to working towards the mission of contributing to human health, by connecting hospitals with actionable insights that improve patient safety and care.

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