Introducing Sani Sensor 2

Sani Nudge’s Sani Sensor 2 is beyond words, beautiful.

Sleek, discreet, and quality were always terms that described the Sani Nudge brand, and the new version of the sensor is all that and more! Now with an upgraded enclosure, the latest version of the sensor withstands the conditions of a busy hospital even better. It is still optimized for the best possible registration of healthcare workers, in and around the patient zone.

Some highlights of the captivating new sensor include that it’s superior design has made it so that it is faster to install then the previous version. The design is even more robust. The new Sani Sensor 2 is easy to move from location to location and easy to service.

The Sani Nudge solution remains a unique and beneficial tool in healthcare for infection prevention. Instead of looking at hand hygiene moments through isolated situations, the Sani Nudge solution considers previous workflow and clinical tasks when calculating hand hygiene levels. For instance, a healthcare worker can go from the office while performing alcohol-based hand rubbing and directly to a patient’s room without having to clean their hands again upon room entry in alignment with the hygiene guidelines (1,2). 

The new sensor will improve upon this by preserving battery life longer with a seamless, uninterrupted process and withstanding more challenging environmental conditions. All of this while continuing to provide reliable hand hygiene data anonymously for teams to continuously work on protecting the safety of their patients and healthcare worker peers.

  1. Iversen AM, Kavalaris CP, Hansen R, et al. Clinical experiences with a new automated hand hygiene monitoring system: A prospective observational study. Am J Infect Control. 2020 May;48(5):527-533. Clinical experiences with a new system for automated hand hygiene monitoring: A prospective observational study – PubMed
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