Nomination for the Annual Initiative Award 2018 by Region Midtjylland!

Since 2015, Aarhus Universitets Hospital has participated in the development and testing of the Sani Nudge system to improve their hand hygiene. Their collaboration has resulted in a nomination for the Annual Initiative Award hosted by the Regional Council.

The Annual Initiative Award is a prize that is awarded to an employee, team or workplace in the Central Denmark Region. Since 2015, it has been the prestigious price associated with the Central Denmark Innovation Day.

The following was said about the Sani Nudge solution: “we recognize the successful introduction of a brand-new solution that is more supportive, systematic and automated than the hygiene monitoring methods currently used today. It is the overall goal of the system to create both a culture change that improves hand hygiene among employees, patients and relatives, as well as prevent hospitalized infections throughout the hospital permanently. The system creates a unique value for the hospital community.”

To read the full article at Region Midtjylland’s website, click here (only in Danish)

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