Sani Nudge featured in Politiken article challenging politicians to prioritize human lives during Covid-19

Covid-19 brings massive challenges to healthcare systems globally and it forces us to prioritize resources to an extent, never seen before.

Hospitals and nursing homes make huge progress by prioritizing infection prevention, investing in patient safety, and the protection of healthcare workers.

It is because of this that the previous CEO of the Danish Health Authority Else Smith and sani nudge’s own Medical Director Dr. Marco Bo Hansen has contributed to the discussion with this article published in one of the leading Danish newspapers, Politiken. (Note, the article is in Danish)

If you would like to know more – Dr. Hansen is happy to bring further insights to this important topic.

The article can be found here: Læger: Vi prissætter allerede behandlinger og menneskeliv. Nu skal politikerne turde prioritere i stedet for at kaste ansvaret over på lægerne.

If you are curious to know more about infection prevention and how to avoid spread of pathogens, do not hesitate to contact the Sani Nudge team.

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