Sani Nudge is one of the companies featured in the BioBridge partnership between Denmark and the Texas Medical Center (TMC)

Over the past few years, the Danish Ministry of Health and the Texas Medical Center – the world’s largest medical city – have built a successful collaborative BioBridge partnership with a primary focus on two areas: Innovation and Research & Education. 

Denmark is viewed as one of the world leaders in life sciences with a long tradition of strong partnerships in healthcare. TMC BioBridge is a marketplace for innovative life science solutions and the partnership provides access to the US and Denmark for emerging technologies.

Importantly, such a multifaceted partnership supports the exchange of ideas, research and technologies, contributing to the development of new health and medical advancements. To promote innovation and expansion to new markets, partnering startups receive legal, regulatory, and mentorship support through a shared curriculum concentrating on entry into new markets through accelerators and co-working spaces.

Along with other innovative companies and organizations, Sani Nudge is proud to be part of the BioBridge company portfolio contributing to the shared goal of knowledge transfer, innovation and improved healthcare globally.

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About TMC 

TMC, the largest medical city in the world, is at the leading edge of the advancement in the field of life sciences. Home to the best medical talents, TMC fosters inter-institutional collaboration, creativity, and innovation among its more than a hundred thousand staff members. Besides providing care for patients, TMC is constantly advancing clinical research through its wide-ranging network of partner institutions, introducing innovative health policy responses to today’s complex health care problems, and developing cutting-edge medical technology.

About Sani Nudge

Founded in Copenhagen in 2015, Sani Nudge is a data-driven MedTech company dedicated to working towards the mission of contributing to human health by connecting hospitals and businesses with actionable insights that improve patient and employee safety and care. Sani Nudge is the optimal hand hygiene solution for corporate workplaces and healthcare facilities to create safe environments. To learn more about the Hand Hygiene Solution and corporate opportunities with Sani Nudge contact us at or book a live demo. 

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