Reducing infections across Denmark, newly launched Just nudge emerges in partnership with popular MedTech Sani Nudge

For Immediate Release: April 20, 2021

Reducing infections across Denmark, newly launched Just nudge emerges in partnership with popular MedTech Sani Nudge

Copenhagen, Denmark – Six years ago, Sani Nudge was the brainchild of Danish clinical nurse Anne-Mette Iversen at Aarhus University Hospital’s oncology department when she leveraged DTU engineers to build a solution that would improve hand hygiene compliance in her hospital. As the company developed, the coronavirus emerged, championing the conversation of hand hygiene globally, and throwing Sani Nudge with its unique solution to sustainably improve hand hygiene into the spotlight. 

Denmark reopening, considerations in hand hygiene in healthcare

Today, as Denmark explores easing restrictions from a winter shutdown due to coronavirus, the urgency around hand hygiene improvements remains vital. A study referenced by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), shows that a 10% increase in hand hygiene compliance is associated with a 6% reduction in infections.

The Sani Nudge solution has benefited from being developed in partnership with Danish hospitals since its beginnings and in its 6-year history has yielded impressive results. For instance, by using lights and discrete symbols on existing hand sanitization facilities, a Danish surgical team increased hand hygiene compliance by 130%. 

For hospitals and nursing homes that are using the Sani Nudge system in Denmark, the solution has become a part of everyday life. In a publication by Dansk Sygeplejeråd, Nurse Pauline Nystrøm Fick of Aarhus University hospital shares how while registering the behaviour around hand hygiene the Sani Nudge sensors help her improve her focus on hand hygiene.

In the article, Rosa Hansen, the headward nurse in orthopaedics at Bispebjerg Hospital also shares “with Sani Nudge our team can access their own unique hand hygiene data. This has created more communication around our hand hygiene efforts while providing continuous improvements and deeper insights into our organization’s hygiene culture.” She adds that “the Sani Nudge solution is an advantage in that it is interdisciplinary and anonymous for management.”

With Sani Nudge seeing growth across Europe, and the February announcement that Ecolab, the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services,  is partnering with sani nudge in more European countries, the company has its sights set on more global expansion. With that comes the announcement that Just nudge ApS managed by well respected Jens Just, has been announced as the exclusive partner on the promotion and sales of the Sani Nudge solution in Denmark. 

The CEO of Sani Nudge Theis Jensen commented on the announcement: “We are very fortunate to welcome Jens Just as our sales partner in Denmark. Starting in May, all danish customers will benefit from his service and expertise in infection prevention. Jens will also be the primary contact for any healthcare institution that is interested in improving their hand hygiene level with Sani Nudge. Jens will contribute with a long experience as a clinical nurse and for the last 25 years he has been providing technical solutions for hospitals and solutions for infection prevention in operating theatres”.

Introducing Just nudge and Jens Just

Jens Just defines his career as an intersection between infection control, technology, and behavioural change. In 1987, Jens Just was trained as a clinical nurse. His history in the medical field has shaped his approach to conversations around innovation and technologies’ role in healthcare. 

Jens’ shares his enthusiasm for advocating for the Sani Nudge solution stating “The exciting thing about my role is that you can change habits. Improving hand hygiene is a relevant topic that has been ongoing throughout my career in infection prevention. With Sani Nudge, we have a tool that is proven to increase performance, saving hospitals money, promoting healthier workers, and saving the lives of patients.”


About Sani Nudge

Sani nudge is a data-driven MedTech company with a mission to contribute to human health by connecting healthcare organizations with actionable insights that improve patient safety and care. 

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