21 Søndag features Sani Nudge with COVIDtrace partners on popular Danish news magazine

Covid19 has brought about a year of upheaval – and with it, collaboration. On Sept. 27, the popular Danish DR – Danmarks Radio news magazine 21 Søndag featured a segment on the COVIDtrace project.

The segment, in Danish, can be viewed here (starts at the 6:18 mark): 21 Sunday: Strong pressure on infection detection

The segment, with English subtitles can be viewed here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/465027191?app_id=122963

About the COVIDtrace project

The COVIDtrace project is supported by the Innovationsfonden which allocated 3.9M DKK to Sani Nudge and the DTU – Technical University of Denmark to improve hand hygiene compliance and automate contact tracing in hospitals and nursing homes in order to quickly identify exposed individuals and initiate appropriate preventive measures, such as quarantine or quick test for Covid-19.

Screenshot 2020-09-28 at 15.47.26The study is divided in 2 phases, phase one is the research phase and data collection. Should there be a COVID outbreak, phase 2 would be to test the algorithms based on that specific scenario. DTU is currently working with simulations. In practice, because it is a development solution with many role outs of features, based on direct feedback and needs from the participants, the level of usability will increase over the course of the study with advancements in how users are contacted. 

To learn more about the COVIDtrace project please reach out to Sani Nudge Customer Success Director Kasper Carlsen.

Kasper Carlsen | +45 30530793 | kc@saninudge.com 

Screenshot 2020-09-28 at 15.43.18

21 Søndag: Strong pressure on infection detection

The program featured a nurse, Pauline Nystrøm in her day-to-day interactions with patients measured by Sani Nudge technology at partner Aarhus Universitetshospital with tracing data analyzed by DTU. Additionally, journalist Lisbeth Sung explored contributions by Marco Bo Hansen, MD PhD, Medical Director at Sani Nudge, Anne-Mette Iversen, Clinical Nursing Specialist at Aarhus University Hospital who inspired the direction of the Sani Nudge brand (How a call for behaviour change led to innovative solutions to better hand hygiene in a hospital in Denmark) , and Niels Olsen, Assistant Professor at DTU Compute Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. 

21 Søndag additionally illustrated how the Sani sensors work and the algorithm for detecting COVIDtrace.

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