Presentation for the healthcare committee of the Capital Region In Denmark

Last week Sani Nudge was invited to the Capital Regional offices in Denmark to present the results from the 6 installations of the system in Denmark. So far only one of the installations have been in the Capital Region and the politicians was interested to discover how that can be changed. 

The committee consist of 11 politicians from across various political parties. T he purpose of the invitation was to keep the Healthcare Committee informed about solutions and ideas that can help improve patient safety in the region’s hospitals across Denmark. Normally these meetings are held behind closed doors, but for this special occasion, Sani Nudge was invited inside. 

“Meeting up with the politicians who set the agenda for the hospitals is an important part of making sure every patient in Denmark can benefit from the extended patient safety the Sani Nudge system provides hospitals. We are happy that the politicians across all parties share the same passion for patient safety as we do. “
Theis Jensen CEO of Sani Nudge

If you are curious to know more about infection prevention and how to avoid spread of pathogens, do not hesitate to contact the Sani Nudge team.

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