Sani Nudge featured in DTU Compute and DTU Skylab Innovation Partnerships Publication

In 2015, Sani Nudge emerged as a company set on encouraging better hygiene using IoT (Internet-of-Things) technology.

Now, five years later, the company is a model for Danish startups seeking to scale as well as companies focused on AI and related digital technologies. 

Sani Nudge has been featured in the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Skylab publication based on where the businesses expertise of its founders’ humble roots began, worthy of emulating. 

Skylab Digital is an interdisciplinary partnership between the University of Copenhagen (KU), Copenhagen Business School (CBS), the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the IT-University of Copenhagen (ITU).

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To request the full publication and learn about other leaders in the innovative space, please fill out the form at the link: 

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