Creating the superior solution for measuring hand hygiene through partnerships

IMould Collaboration

Quality and craftsmanship are two essential traits sought in global products, but perhaps most important in healthcare, where technology saves lives. 

In the case of Sani Nudge, products work across hospital and nursing home settings, which are all unique. That is why all Sani Nudge products are designed with a clean, minimalist aesthetic and collaborate with the right partners in design and materials to create the superior solution for measuring hand hygiene levels in healthcare organizations.

One such partner of Sani Nudge is IMould. IMould Tech, a leading manufacturer of plastic tooling, aluminium, and zinc die casting has 15 years of experience in plastic tooling. Sani Nudge is pleased to work alongside this company that first-and-foremost values quality, reliability, innovation, and durability for our product which currently serves thirteen countries across Europe.

Working with IMould ultimately provides value to Sani Nudge end users by ensuring that Doctors and Nursing staff have the proper functional technology measuring their hand hygiene performance. Our partner's sleek minimalist casing of our system fits into a hospital environment, ensuring that healthcare workers get the data they need while best serving their patients and contributing to overall safety, which matters most in this setting.

Esben Gordon Johansen, Senior Operations Manager at Sani Nudge shares his thoughts on this important partnership.

“Imould is our trusted partner for producing the plastic enclosures of our products. With their vast knowledge of plastic production, they help ensure that we always deliver the highest quality products to our customers. In addition, they have shown great flexibility in helping us mitigate the potential risks of the ever-changing global supply chain situation. We look forward to expanding our collaboration in the future, as the Sani Nudge product portfolio grows.”

Ultimately, success is rooted in a community of partnerships for a successful company like Sani Nudge, making a growing difference worldwide.

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