Jannik Hilsted joins the Sani Nudge clinical advisory board

Sani Nudge is pleased to welcome Jannik Hilsted to the Clinical Advisory Board as a collaborative member. 

Dr. Hilsted has an impressive career across healthcare, spanning roles in patient care and strategic planning.  He is the current current position Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of the International Novo Nordisk Foundation. The Foundation’s vision contributes significantly to medical treatment, research, and development that improves the lives of people and the sustainability of society. The foundation has a net worth of 411 billion DKK (2019). His position there oversaw Steno Diabetes Centers in the five regions of Denmark and in Greenland.

Prior to working for the foundation Dr. Hilsted was the CMO of Copenhagen University (Rigshospitalet, one of the largest hospitals in Denmark) for 12 years. With his wealth of knowledge, connections, and experience Mr. Hilsted is a greatly valued member of the prominent Advisory council. 

Dr. Hilsted shared his enthusiasm for joining the Clinical Advisory board stating:

“Sani Nudge is an innovative concept which has the potential of alleviating the burden of nosocomial infections.” 

About the Clinical Advisory Board

The Sani Nudge Clinical Advisory Board brings expert knowledge to the table. The Board challenges the current clinical, scientific and strategic focus, provides input into the business case, offers insights to the decision process, network, and gives the Sani Nudge solution’s exposure.

Recent efforts of the board have included sharing infection prevention expertise with the Danish Parliament in the wake of the Corona crisis, the coordination of a new podcast, and the oversight of a number of clinical studies and validations across Europe.

If you are curious to know more about infection prevention and how to avoid spread of pathogens, do not hesitate to contact the Sani Nudge team.


Dr. Marco Bo Hansen, Medical Director, Researcher, and Hand Hygiene Expert, mh@saninudge.com 

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