Introducing the Hygiene & infection prevention network podcast

There remain growing concerns in Europe at what is being seen as an alarming rise in coronavirus cases in 2020. The number of new daily infections has reached record highs in some countries. Targeted lockdowns and restrictions are returning across the continent. Infection prevention strategies are at the forefront of public discussion.

If you work in infection prevention, this is a can’t miss podcast!

The global effort of the Hygiene and infection prevention network podcast links clinical expertise and resources, aiding hygiene improvement efforts in your healthcare community. The podcast is a function of the Sani Nudge Clinical Advisory Team in order to provide cutting-edge research conducted with integrity as a way to reduce infections worldwide. 

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Podcast #1 Revolutionary transformations in healthcare take time

On the podcast in its first week is Else Smith. Else is is an MD, PHD and the previous CEO of the Danish Health Authority. She has been a board member of the Global World Health Organization, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and for the European Medicines Agency. She has also extensive research and clinical experience within infectious diseases.

Dr. Marco Bo Hansen, Sani Nudge Medical Director had the privilege to sit down with Else as she shared career highlights spanning across her specialty in public health, her work with Aids and HIV infections in women in the mid 1980’s, and building the WHO directed influenza pandemic plan in Denmark. 

A few key takeaways from Else:

  • On hygiene and hand washing
    • “We achieve a stronger awareness of hygiene.”
    • “Even Denmark’s finest virologist says that the ten top causes of spreading the virus are sitting on your two hands, because of your ten fingers.”
  • On Corona testing
    • “Of course, in general, testing helps us keep track.”
  • On keeping our healthcare workers safe
    • “If you don’t have healthy healthcare workers, then there is no health for the population.”
  • On global efforts for innovation in healthcare
    • “In this world we don’t make revolutions in one day, you have to take time.”

Tune in to learn Else’s top 3 tips for working in disease prevention and hygiene!

Be safe and remember to wash your hands. 

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