Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Machine Learning to Predict Behaviors Leads to Preventing Infection Outbreaks in Hospitals

Copenhagen, Denmark​ – It’s the future that Sci-Fi lovers were promised, where A.I. machine learning has turned general data into niche understanding. Copenhagen based MedTech Sani Nudge, was selected among more than 1,000 organizations to work in partnership with the Momental Foundation which includes some of the US top researchers as well as a collective opportunity in Japan in 2019. The collaboration was aimed to classify healthcare situations in order to better predict what human behaviors will be. This is with the ultimate goal of reducing hospital acquired infections and the potentially fatal resistance to antibiotics. This knowledge will additionally be applied during the ongoing Covid-19 Trace campaign that Sani Nudge is involved in, leading into 2021. 

Jay Hanson, Co-Founder at Berkeley BioLabs spoke on his experience as a mentor to the Mistletoe Research Fellows in the MRF Startup Collaboration stating that “I think I can speak for the team and say that we found the project quite challenging and rewarding and feel our collaboration with Sani Nudge made substantial progress towards improved methods to identify events that require hand sanitizing.” 

“Seriously I do not know how we could have done this work without the Momental Foundation and the research they bring to the discussion. Using ​Mistletoe Research Fellows such as ​university postdoctoral fellows​ is a tremendous opportunity for a commercial company like Sani Nudge. Fellows provide a fresh outlook with their approach to technology and a differing perspective that broadens our own customer centric approach. We are fortunate to have such a valuable relationship built as a part of this partnership.” added Morten T. Egholm, Sani Nudge CTO. 

The Sani Nudge monitoring solution is a connected system, which uses IoT sensors to encourage and improve hand hygiene compliance in hospitals. The solution provides valuable data on employee hygiene habits and patient contact. By focusing on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ​5 Hand Hygiene Moments​, the collaborative team of postdoctoral fellows​, project engineers, and healthcare professionals, took on the task of optimizing the smoothing of the Sani Sensor data, which monitors a localized detection zone, which they sought to make “more intelligent”. This in turn, best classifies the parameters that will create issues or opportunities and will identify which in-hospital situations pose more risk. 

According to Sani Nudge’s study, published in the American Journal of Infection Control, only 30 percent of healthcare professionals sanitized their hands in situations where it was required. The implementation of the Sani Nudge solution provides a sharp reduction in the absentee rate of healthcare staff, of up to 72 percent, as well as a significant increase in the overall compliance of a medical center, therefore reducing infections by as much as ​29-65% for the most common hospital-acquired infections​. 

The Momental Foundation is a nonprofit grantmaker and impact-focused hardware accelerator located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to build bridges between the academic, entrepreneurial, and civil communities to create a more human-centered and sustainable future through technology. We are proud to be a member organization of the global Mistletoe Collective Impact Community, dedicated to scientific and technological advancement for the public good. The Momental Foundation’s flagship initiative is the Mistletoe Research Fellowship​, open to postdoctoral fellows and advanced PhD candidates at R1 partner universities. Our Unfettered Grant Program provides unrestricted funding to our pool of Mistletoe Research Fellows to support their research activities, including conference travel. Our fellows also participate in an extracurricular professional development program, the MRF Startup Collaboration, in which they train and collaborate with frontier technology hardware startups developing products with high potential for social and humanitarian impact. 


About Sani Nudge​ | ​Sani Nudge is a data driven MedTech company, dedicated to working towards the mission of contributing to human health, by connecting hospitals with actionable insights that improve patient safety and care. 

If you are curious to know more about infection prevention and how to avoid spread of pathogens, do not hesitate to contact the Sani Nudge team.


Nancy Carleton, Head of Marketing, 

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