Hygiene and infection prevention expert Dr. Marco Bo Hansen shares his expertise in Paul Webber Teleclass Education Webinar.

17th of February – Provided with the opportunity to increase the awareness of digital and innovative infection prevention and control practices, Dr. Marco Bo Hansen will give a presentation as a part of an international lecture series.

“As a medical doctor, I believe that we should always bear the Hippocratic Oath in mind and the promise “First, do not harm,” and help our patients as much as we can. Thousands of people die every day from infections acquired while receiving health care. There is still a need for awareness of the importance of IPC practices – also post-pandemic where we fall back into old routines and habits. I am therefore looking very much forward to speaking at the upcoming Paul Webber Teleclass about innovative hand hygiene solutions, infection prevention, and behavioral insights.” – Sani Nudge Medical Director, Dr. Marco Bo Hansen, shares his expectations about his upcoming presentation. 


Spreading knowledge is crucial, yet, accessing the quality of information can be problematic. With Teleclass Education, everyone gains access to the experts in the field and topics sourced primarily from articles published in scientific journals or conference lectures.

Webber Teleclass Education is a series of lectures on infection prevention and control topics. This platform aims to bring “the best possible infection prevention and control information, to the widest possible audience, with the fewest barriers to access”. Supporting education initiatives in low-resource countries, members in developing nations are entitled to full access without any cost.

Teleclass Education invites renowned global experts to present a 1-hour lecture to a live audience each month. All lectures can be accessed through a telephone or computer, so internet access is all you need to participate. The materials, including slides, hand-outs, and online recordings, are posted on the website for those who cannot join the online version.

In his lecture, Dr. Marco Bo Hansen will talk about the innovations in hand hygiene monitoring, validation of hand hygiene systems, the impact of Covid-19 on hand hygiene practices, and much more.

You can access this and many other relevant presentations here if you want to hear more.

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