Published article: Assessing the clinical accuracy of a hand hygiene system: Learnings from a validation study

We are pleased to announce that Sani Nudge has become one of few hand hygiene compliance systems that has been clinically validated!

A joint team of researchers from University Hospital Mannheim in Germany and Sani Nudge hand hygiene technologies’ validation study on clinical accuracy has been selected to appear in the American Journal of Infection Control.

The article is titled “Assessing the clinical accuracy of a hand hygiene system: Learnings from a validation study.”


  • Marco Bo Hansen MD, PhD
  • Nina Wismath MD
  • Evelyn Fritz MD
  • Professor Alexandra Heininger MD, PhD

The study accessed the accuracy of an innovative hand hygiene monitoring tool, the Sani Nudge hand hygiene solution. It was administered by two test nurses performing clinical standard tasks while being observed by two infection preventionists.

 Study highlights included:

  • All hand hygiene systems should be validated but industry standards are needed.
  • Accuracy of hand hygiene systems can be measured with only few resources available.
  • An independent-event approach is feasible to perform clinical validation.
  • Electronic and observed counting of hand hygiene opportunities and events matched.

To request a copy of the journal pre-proof and see the results please request the article at the link below.

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