Hygiene Mentorship in your Local Hospital

With days that are never typical, nurses and nurse assistants in a medical setting are a special kind of superhero. They are motivated by passion to care for patients. 

A Hygiene Mentor is a unique role within the nursing world. It is a dedicated team member of a ward whose caring and interest in human welfare extends beyond their patients to the specific wellbeing of their team as well. 

A Hygiene Mentor is a role model to other healthcare workers, nurturing a culture of mutual respect and motivation in order to improve hand hygiene efforts. They could be the head nurse, or they could be a super enthusiastic individual with no specific management responsibilities who is passionate about their position. 

Often the individual is trained to be able to answer questions and provide the team with further knowledge about hand hygiene, which includes being highly knowledgeable about how the Sani Nudge Hand Hygiene solution works for measuring compliance in a ward. Each department typically has 1-2 Hygiene Mentors. 

Some common traits of a Hygiene Mentor include: 

  • Training a team of colleagues and providing personal growth and development opportunities. 
  • Motivating others to deliver the best patient care possible.
  • Seeking opportunities to provide career growth enhancement for their peers through education, advice, and development opportunities.  

A Hygiene Mentor’s Role in Infection Prevention

 “Correct hand hygiene by healthcare providers is considered the single most important element of practice in reducing the occurrence of healthcare associated infections (HAIs) during the delivery of care, whatever the setting.” (Solent NHS Trust staff principles and practices of correct hand hygiene).  In order for Hygiene Mentors to best generate positive results, a focus on the prevention of infection is a must. 

In a 2006 study published in the American Journal of Infection Control titled  “Mentor’s hand hygiene practices influence student’s hand hygiene rates” a Mentor’s practice of hand hygiene was the strongest predictor of the rate of hand hygiene for observational periods (P < .01), in this case of students. 

In Sani Nudge’s own practice, this mentorship relationship is often exemplified colleague-to-colleague at a hospital and across relationships of professionals within the healthcare field, including doctors and nurses. 

In short, a Hygiene Mentor plays a crucial role in influencing a healthy and safe culture in a healthcare environment. They wear many hats which can include hygiene preventer, educator, motivator, protector, and more. Ultimately, they are highly valued and a huge proponent of a center’s success.

If your facility uses Sani Nudge products or if you would like to,  or if you do not know who your local hygiene mentor is, please contact help@saninudge.com.

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