Hand-washing Championed for Preventing Infection Spread

The Hospital of tomorrow is preparing to address the fear that lies in a resurgence of outbreaks and infectious diseases. The Coronavirus has taught us that we need to prepare for what could be the next big threat. Health professionals cite multi-resistant bacteria as one of the biggest threats to our livelihood, with a bleak outlook for growing cases in the next 30+ years.  

Newsweek recently explored the topic of how Coronavirus can spread through a hospital in 10 hours citing research published in the Journal of Hospital Infection. Covid-19 has taught us that difficult-to-treat infections in humans warrant a serious exploration of infection prevention options. 

The article explores how researchers at University College London tracked the astoundingly fast spread of Covid-19 by placing virus on the rail of a hospital bed and monitoring its spread. Their findings: it spread to “41 percent of all sampled locations within the ward after 10 hours, and to 59 percent of all sampled locations within three days.” 

These findings draw attention to the simple truth that surfaces play an important role in spread of infection. The article culminated with a strong emphasis on the importance of good hand hygiene and how cleaning in relation to these stunning findings is crucial to limiting the spread of the virus. 

Sani Nudge is an intelligent sensor system which helps measure and improve hand hygiene both in the short and long-term through performance feedback and nudging. Sani Nudge specializes in providing hygienic opportunities during key moments that can limit the spread of infection.  The Sani Nudge Hand Hygiene devices monitor patient contact in and around the bed area, among other primary working areas in a hospital, the actual surface where this study found an alarming spread of infection. 

Studies have shown that we do not sanitize and wash hands as often as we think – in fact we only do it every 1 in 3 times. As a reminder rooted in the facts of this study about infection spread, and in consideration of the safety of our fellow humans, please wash and sanitize hands often, keep distance, and stay at home if you feel sick. 

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