Getting Started with
Sani Nudge Hand Hygiene

your journey towards better safety with Sani Nudge starts now.

Thank you for playing an important role in the effort to prevent harm and eliminate infections through hand hygiene.

Ensuring compliance with proper hand hygiene is not about doubting your intentions to wash hands when you should, but recognizing the difficulty of staying compliant in your busy work environment without help. Since 2016, the Sani Nudge solution has helped thousands of healthcare workers ensure proper hand hygiene, and now the leadership has provided you with access to this help as well.

Pathogen transmission occurs daily within your facility, and many individuals unknowingly carry these pathogens home to their loved ones, putting them at risk of illness. Harmful microorganisms, such as multidrug-resistant bacteria, influenza, COVID-19, norovirus, rotavirus, and rhinovirus, can be found on healthcare workers’ hands, phones, and keyboards. It’s likely that your hands carry one of these infections on any given workday. Therefore, hand hygiene is crucial for preventing the spread of these infections.

How it Works

Sani Nudge Hand Hygiene is an innovative system that helps protect patients and caregivers from hospital-acquired infections. Sani Nudge provides reliable hand hygiene compliance data using a network of smart sensors.

Sani ID

Sani IDs

Badges wirelessly communicate with all other devices to record hand hygiene events (cleaning hands with sanitizer or soap) and opportunities (before/after being in the patient zone).

Badges are uniquely assigned to specific staff groups (nurses, doctors, etc.) and are required in the hospital to receive credit. All you have to do is to attach it to your existing hospital ID. Once attached, your compliance will automatically be measured moving forward.

To avoid damaging your badge, avoid high-frequency hospital equipment (MRIs) and excess water.

Does wearing my badge have negative health impacts?

Sani Nudge badges emit fewer radio frequency waves than a wireless mouse or headset. It uses the same frequency as a typical home Wi-Fi setup, although on a much smaller scale. Multiple studies have concluded that wearing these devices does not increase the likeliness of negative health outcomes.

Read our Badge Safety & Research Statement

Sani Sensor

Hygiene sensors

Hygiene Sensors are placed on soap and alcohol dispensers throughout the unit. ANY dispenser can be used to receive credit for performing hand hygiene.

When cleaning your hands, the Hygiene Sensor recognizes your badge and a green animation will light up, indicating data was captured. Each time a dispenser is activated, the closest caregiver is credited for that hygiene event. You do not need to do anything different from your current workflow.


Bed Sensors

Bed Sensors record entry and exit of the patient zone in the patient rooms.

These sensors are assigned to specific patient zones or designated areas that capture patient interactions. You will find these sensors on top of all beds in your unit from where they create an invisible zone around the patient bed.



Your hand hygiene compliance contributes to your department’s overall compliance. This metric is reported in the Hand Hygiene dashboard and compliance reports. Weekly reports of your compliance are sent to you, while managers, can see aggregate department and unit compliance.

Using Sani Nudge

Watch the overview video below to see how to use Sani Nudge in your facility.

How is compliance captured and measured?

Every time you enter and exit a patient zone it is considered an opportunity for handwashing. Sani Nudge measures whether you cleaned your hands before and after patient visits over 20 seconds. Shorter visits are not scored for compliance.

Getting credit

Clean In / Clean Out

Always clean your hands immediately before entering a patient zone and upon exiting a patient zone, even if a patient is not present.

Where to Clean Your Hands

You may use any soap or sanitizer dispenser to receive credit. You can clean before entering a patient zone or once inside the patient zone. The same rule applies to exiting.

When to Clean Your Hands

Clean your hands every time you enter and exit vacant OR occupied patient zones and prior to putting on and after taking off gloves. A hand wash is valid for 3 minutes.

Tips for Success

Directors & Managers

  • Talk about the importance of Hand Hygiene at your next huddle.
  • Make sure badges are distributed and worn to ensure data is properly captured.
  • Watch & share the Sani Nudge System Training video above.
  • Share data with healthcare workers


  • Make sure to wear your badge at chest level.
  • Review your weekly individual motivation report and speak with your manager for improvement feedback.
  • Use any dispenser before or after visiting a patient zone. Clean your hands within 20 seconds of crossing the door threshold.

What’s Next?

Once your facility is live with Sani Nudge, a baseline will be used to develop a path toward excellent hand hygiene. Given the complexities of your work, 100% is not a realistic target, and Sani NUdge recommends a long-term goal where hand hygiene compliance is held at 75% or higher. This goal is supported by a recent study showing diminishing returns beyond this point.

If you have other comments or questions, head to our Support Center.