Collaborating for Innovative Solutions with the University of Copenhagen and Human Impact

Gaining knowledge of customer preferences, needs, and behavior is necessary for every company that strives to develop innovative solutions. This is precisely what Sani Nudge does. 

Thanks to the collaboration with the Københavns Universitet – University of Copenhagen and Human Impact, the company has gained invaluable insights into the end users’ experiences.

Dr. Marco Bo Hansen, Senior Medical Director at Sani Nudge, expresses his thoughts stating: “We have started the collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and Human Impact because we are a customer-focused business. We always prioritize our customers. The collaboration has not only provided us with valuable knowledge, but it has also influenced our product development, and we have been inspired to gather data in a new way.”


“Sani Nudge was developed by hospitals and healthcare workers to fit their daily workflows. We know how important it is to secure the adaption of innovation. Obtaining continuous feedback is paramount to us because that is the only way to keep developing and have the best solution on the market.” – Theis Jensen, CEO of Sani Nudge speaks to the value of collaboration

To read more about Human Impact visit this link or  book a live demo and get a full experience of the Sani Nudge solution with a live dashboard. 

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