Patient safety is our priority

Sani Nudge contributes to human health by connecting healthcare organizations with actionable insights that improve patient safety and care. The Sani Nudge solution helps you save lives.

Promote a strong safety culture

Sani Nudge encourages organizational culture which is open to improvements by including healthcare workers in the co-creation of a safer environment.

It’s human to make mistakes, and expecting flawless performance from people working in complex, high-stress situations is unrealistic. As a result, focusing on the system that allows errors to occur is the first step toward progress.

Sani Nudge reports a higher sense of accountability and reinforcing the commitment to better care while advocating for a workplace culture with safety principles and valued attitudes.

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WHO issues statement advocating for hand hygiene technologies as a minimum requirement for global IPC programs

In a published article from Pittet, Allegranzi, Sax, and Kilpatrick in BMJ Quality & Safety the authors write: 

“WHO is particularly attentive to encourage innovations, such as non-touch dispensers, automatic monitoring systems and other technologies taking human factors and ergonomics into account, and more sophisticated adult learning educational approaches to facilitate uptake, such as gaming and augmented reality applications.”  

Clinical Opinions on WHO's Recommendation

Some members of the Sani Nudge Clinical Advisory Committee to share their insights on this critical topic based on their own experiences in healthcare and the value that innovations bring to their peers and healthcare workers as a whole. 

How patient safety is improved

Reduce healthcare acquired infections

Hand hygiene is a vital part of infection prevention and control in all healthcare facilities to reduce healthcare-associated infections. WHO, the CDC and the ECDC state that hand hygiene is the most cost-effective way to prevent healthcare-associated infections.

Reduce Staff Absenteeism

The Sani Nudge system to perform data-driven and personalized feedback results in better hand hygiene practices and fewer infections among staff, as reflected by a significant decrease in employee sick leave.

Addresses Shortage of Healthcare Workers

Shortage of staff increases the risk of medical errors. Sani Nudge helps the IPC teams and local wards to focus on the areas with the highest risk of infection transmission, giving them more time to patient-focused tasks.

Patient stories

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