Quantify workload and optimize

With Sani Nudge labour visualization 

Ensure visit quality

The time nurses spend with patients should be tailored to the patient’s needs. Make sure the patient has received the necessary visits at the right time and from the right people.

Lower infection rates

Nurses who are less stressed are able to generate better patient outcomes and lower infection rates; a lower infection rate leads to less re-admission, shorter stays, and higher reimbursement to hospitals.

27% Burnouts

The burnout rate among nurses is around 27%, which is due to the intensity of occupational duties. Interestingly, the insufficient number of nurses and the resulting high workload is the first source of exhaustion.

Workflow insights

With the Activity Indicator, you can know if departments have too few or too many nurses on a given day at certain times of the day and use this information to better predict staffing needs.

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