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Improve your compliance while increasing patient and staff safety. Turn your team of healthcare workers into hand hygiene champions with Europe’s only patient-centered hand hygiene solution.

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Hand hygiene compliance is one of the most important measures for patient safety in healthcare. The lack of reliable data is a huge obstacle for any hospital in improving compliance rates and stopping the spread of infections.

Sani Nudge enables your facility to achieve sustainable behaviour change through actionable insights. Our system is easy to install and unobtrusive to workflow.

Improve compliance


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Proven to decrease hospital-aquired bloodstream infections

Sani Nudge significantly improves customer hand hygiene and decreased infections. 

A published interventional study in a nephrology department indicates the cost savings that can be attributed to installing the Sani Nudge solution.



You can’t improve what you do not measure.

E. Edwards Deming
Quality improvement expert

With Sani Nudge, your infection control efforts are powered by advanced technology using gentle reminders.

Developed and trusted by hospitals around Europe

Aarhus University Hospital
Central Region Denmark
Bispebjerg Hospital

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Decrease infections and outbreaks​

Frequent hand washing is the first line of defense against infection and disease.

Get reliable data​

Accurately record and understand your team’s hand hygiene events with actionable data.

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