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With the only patient-centered hand hygiene solution in the markets, you can increase patient safety and turn caregivers into champions of hand hygiene.

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Hand hygiene compliance is one of the most critical measures of patient safety in healthcare. The lack of reliable data is a huge obstacle for any hospital in improving compliance rates and reducing the spread of infections. Sani Nudge empowers facilities to sustainably change behaviour with actionable insights. Our system is easy to install and unobtrusive in workflow.

Get a comprehensive understanding of the level of hand hygiene performance in your organization. Easily see where you can focus your efforts and learn from them. How has your compliance been over the last 30 days and are you positive or challenged by declining compliance values?
Weekly Improvement
Provide each department with a tool to work together to improve hand hygiene compliance in each group. View reports online or print them as reports that can be used in conversations with teams. As several hospitals have done so far, let each team spend 5 minutes using this data per week and see a doubling of the compliance score. You can do it at a triage or as conversation starter during lunch.
Team insights
Hand hygiene compliance is people's behavior. Learn what makes good performers great and why some staff groups just can't get better. Understand your division of compliance across the entire workforce or zoom in on a particular department. Let teams see how they function as a group and encourage them to work together to improve their compliance values.
Individual Motivation
Open the system to every healthcare worker and empower them to understand and improve their own performance, while maintaining their identity anonymous to management. Set goals that they can achieve or compete with their colleagues to increase their compliance values. You're right, it's like a sports tracker for hand hygiene.
Intelligent Nudging
Each Sani Sensor can help medical staff, patients and visitors to focus on hand hygiene with a visual nudge. As the Sani Sensors are placed on all dispensers and beds, you can target where departments need the most help to focus on hand hygiene compliance. With intelligent nudging you are empowered to control the nudging in each department of your facility.
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Let us help you improve your compliance

Clinical studies and validations of Sani Nudge show that hospitals can achieve significant improvements in their facilities in any hand hygiene situation. We provide the tools, data and framework conditions and you celebrate success!

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