Cost savings with
reduced infections

Lower healthcare associated infections (HAIs) while increasing hand hygiene performance. A university hospital achieved a 67% reduction in hospital-acquired infections after using the Sani Nudge solution for one year.

Reduce infections by 20% or more by improving hand hygiene

Mette HAI

In Europe HAI's cost €2,600 per patient

Mette is 61 years with two children and four grand children. She acquired an infection during admission in 2019. She has not worked since.

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Years the Sani Nudge system is installed


Admissions per year 50000

{{7 * admissions * years / 100}}

Number of healthcare associated infections

{{7 * admissions * years / 100 * 20 / 100}}

Preventable healthcare associated infections

{{(admissions * years * 7 / 100 * 20 / 100 * 15 / 100).toFixed()}}

Preventable deaths

Cost savings associated with improving hand hygiene compliance


Decrease infections


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Contract tracing redefined with Sani Nudge

In uncertain times, friendly reminders and measurable tracking tools can make all the difference to improving the quality of life in your healthcare facility. Increase patient and staff safety through the respected Sani Nudge technology in all outbreaks.

“It was motivating to see the results and was a true eye opener.”

Lisbeth Petersen

Bispebjerg University Hospital

Developed and trusted by hospitals around Europe

Aarhus University Hospital
Central Region Denmark
Bispebjerg Hospital

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