We are not your ordinary colleagues

Our values

Easy to do business with
The less effort it takes for a customer to accomplish their goal when they contact us, the more loyal they become. Therefore we always strive to make it easy for our customers to achieve what they want.
Focus on the user
Since the beginning, we have focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we are designing hardware or how we display compliance data, we take great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve the user, rather than our own internal goal or bottom line. Because we believe that if our products bring value to the user all else will follow.
We take care of each other
Our wellbeing is important to the business and therefore we help each other to be happy at work. We share the responsibility and speak up if things are not right. If we are happy we can make our customers happy. Happy customers keep our company going, and they refer and recommend new business to us.
Data rules
When it comes to making hard decisions, data trumps experience or seniority. The loudest voice in our office is always the data, and for an idea to be taken seriously it must be built with numbers at their core.
Purpose divider
Every team member at Sani nudge knows that their efforts impacts a patient in one of our hospitals. We work towards a future where healthcare delivery is safer for humanity.
Why do we do it?
Our mission is to contribute to human health by connecting hospitals with actionable insights that improve patient safety and care.

Come work with us

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Data Scientist

In Sani nudge we handle a massive amount of real time data produced by our large-scale IoT networks. We are looking for a data scientist, who is excited about designing and building big data solutions with the user in mind. Even though our system is highly advanced it is of great importance that you do not only understand the infrastructure of the sensor network and the algorithms in the backend but also see how the end user understands the system. The primary role is development and implementation of algorithms and machine learning methods to convert multiple sensor data streams, originating from a distributed sensor network, into accurate activity predictions.

You will:

  • Own the data analytics
  • Develop distributed streaming algorithms to analyze and process high-volume sensor data in real time, in cooperation with our backend dev. partner.
  • Develop methods to analyze failure scenarios.
  • Create real-time performance metrics to guide algorithm improvements and allow rapid prototyping with the aggregated data.
  • Collaborate with embedded team on new sensor development to ensure sensor output meets algorithmic needs.
  • Collaborate with the backend dev. partner team to implement algorithms in production environment.

Sales Partner Manager

Our sales partners are companies focused on selling hardware and software solutions to hospitals. They are seen as leaders in digital offerings within their respective markets. You are not the typical partner manager type, but are able to juggle several different type of roles to ensure our partners are successful in activating the value of our products.

You will:

  • Support Sani Nudge in strategic management of our partner
  • Operate as the lead point of contact for any and all matters specific to our partner
  • Build and maintain strong, long-lasting partner relationship
  • Participate in sales meetings with end customers together with the partner
  • Develop, manage and have training sessions with partner employees
  • Further develop and maintain partner profiles and partner programs
  • Participate in exhibitions in your market
  • Develop a trusted advisor relationship with your day-to-day sales partner contacts
  • Facilitate engagement activities between partner resources and internal resources such as the sales organization, implementation team as well as executive leadership
  • Communicate clearly the progress of scheduled initiatives to internal and external stakeholders
  • Primary project lead for issue resolution from identification to completion
  • Collaborate with your peers to identify opportunities for improvement and learn from other similar partners
  • Proactively oversee, monitor and liaise with partner on transactions and interactions
  • Coordinate support and communication of partner details and solution internally in Sani Nudge
  • Coordinate partner communications
  • Coordinate and lead regularly scheduled partner meetings
  • Document and maintain partner solution
  • Act as a mentor to the Service Coordinator team

Installation Assistant

Our system consists of an IoT sensor network installed in each room of the hospital. This adds up to a great number of sensors. We are looking for a person who can manage installations in hospitals around Europe both hands on and as a manger of our Sales partner’s installers. Your task will consist of:

  1. Installation of the system
  2. Maintenance of the system
  3. Improvements to the system
  4. Manage installation process
  5. Training of sales partner installers
  • When a new customer is acquired, we need to install the sensor network. This requires you to manage how this is done most easily while satisfying the hospital, which includes coordination with the hospital, sales partners and internal stakeholders. You will also be responsible to setup the new customer in our backend (no coding skills required). You need to quality check that everything works as planned before, during and after installation.
  • Once the installation is setup and running you need to have a constant eye on the installation to ensure that everything is up and running at all installations. This part of the job includes responding to alerts both day and night if needed and activate sales partners if required.
  • We always strive to make our system easier to both install and maintain. You will work with our R&D department to ensure this.
  • Every time a new technician is hired by a sales partner, the technician needs to undergo installation and system training by Sani nudge. You will be responsible of carrying out the training and ensuring that each sales partner technician are certified to install our system.

You will:

  • Installation of the system at new locations including planning, backend setup and coordinating with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ensure the system is always up and running and initiate fix if it is not.
  • Collaborate with R&D in improving installation and maintenance.

This is not work

We want you to love your job like it wasn't and this is what we do to make it

  • You will get passionate colleagues
  • Join a diverse team (mix of age, sex, nationality)
  • No task is the same, like no day is
  • Education to make you the smartest in the class
  • Breakfast and lunch everyday (also veggie)
  • Stay fit and healthy with free fitness
  • Creative working space
  • Plenty of fun social events
  • Flat Nordic hierarchy

What do we expect in return? That you are the best at what ever you do!