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Predictive staffing as a new tool to improve patient care and safety

By collecting and analyzing data on an aggregated level, it becomes possible for hospitals, staff and management to detect real-time trends in the workflow patterns of healthcare workers. This has already generated important insights into several hospitals where the Sani nudge system is installed. It helps to quantify the workload and needs of staff during the day and to avoid “blind spots” in the treatment and care of patients.
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Reduction of hospital-acquired infections using the Sani nudge system

Figure 1: Schematic illustration of clinically relevant results
Sani nudgeTM is a comprehensive system for preventing infectious disease transmission. The system is designed to empower healthcare professionals to reach compliance goals. In this paper, we show how implementation of the Sani nudgeTM and the 5-step improvement tool has improved hand hygiene compliance by 200% and reduced hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) by up to 64%. In addition, we show the cost savings associated with improved hand hygiene and reduction in HAIs.
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Differences in behaviour among healthcare workers with high vs low hygiene compliance

During our time working with hospitals on improving the hand hygiene compliance (HHC) of healthcare workers (HCWs), we often come across the high achievers who appear to succeed in sanitizing according to the guidelines. Most HCWs know when to sanitize, but can underlying behavioural patterns of those high achievers be identified? And can data show us why they remember to sanitize hands when needed? What is it that they are doing differently that enables them to sanitize when needed and thus achieve better compliance than their co-workers?

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Discrepancy between hygiene knowledge and behaviour – How we can overcome the barrier?


Every hospital has a set of hand hygiene compliance (HHC) guidelines as set out by the World Health Organisation (WHO)[1] with the objective of reducing hospital-acquired infections and antibiotic use. In this paper, we look at the healthcare workers’ (HCWs) knowledge of the hygiene guidelines gathered by questionnaires and compare these results with actual HHC measurements from an electronic hygiene system (the Sani nudge system)[2].

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