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Sani nudge wins Nordic Venture forum Tech Tour!

Last month, Sani nudge was out of 147 participants, one of the 16 winners at the Nordic Venture forum Tech Tour!

We will present at the European Venture Contest (EVC) Final at 11th of December in Düsseldorf in the category Healthtech. This event offers an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses across borders and engage directly with Europe’s most active investors.

Our latest results show significant improvements in hospital hygiene processes and costs, so we can’t wait to present our revolutionary hospital hygiene system to the international audience of investors, key corporates and innovation experts.

For more information about the event, check: Tech Tour 2018

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Sani nudge attends Start Alliance in Berlin

From November 12th - 22th, Sani nudge was part of a 2-week program by Star Alliance Berlin focused on Digital Health. This program was intended for healthtech startups to experience the vibrant startup environment in Berlin and learn about the latest developments in the German healthcare industry.

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Sani nudge nominated for German Innovation awards 2019!

"Only companies with outstanding innovative achievements receive a nomination from the German Design Council." - Andrej Kupetz

The Sani nudge’s solution to improve hand hygiene in hospitals has been nominated for the German innovation awards 2019 by Rat für Formgebung (German Design Council).

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Latest results of Sani nudge’s hygiene improvement presented!

Every year in November, the Danish Society for Hospital Hygiene and Sterile Supply organizes a 2-day conference. Sani nudge presented here its latest results with the help of special nurse Anne-Mette Iversen from Aarhus Universitets Hospital and Hygiene nurse Christiane Pahl Kavalaris from Bispebjerg Hospital. Both hospitals have been using our system since last year.

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Successful end to our collaboration with Innovationsfonden

In July 2017, Innovation Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden) backed Sani nudge with €270.000 in support of our mission to eliminate hospital acquired infections in hospitals. Each year, Innovation Fund allocates funds to new high potential, knowledge-intensive initiatives. Their goal is to let the Danish society reap the benefits from the ideas they belief in. For Sani nudge, this 1,5 year commitment was a crucial step in our development process.

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Sani nudge nominated as one of the world’s most promising DeepTech Startups!

Sani nudge has been recognized as one of the most promising projects in deep tech to date!

We are thrilled to share that we have been selected as a Top 500 DeepTech Startup among 4,500 applications from 119 countries! We will attend both the Investor Day on March 13th for one-on-one meetings with 200 top-tier VCs and the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit on March 14th & 15th 2019.

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On-site data validation a great success!

Making sure the data that our system generates fully represents reality is a top priority at Sani nudge. Yesterday our validation team was at Bispebjerg hospital in Denmark to compare our hand hygiene monitoring system to direct observations. Nurses from the hospital made the observations while a hygiene responsible nurse performed 25 different tasks in different locations around the ward. We not only do this to provide valid data, but also to ensure that the nurses and quality managers understand how to best use the system. We are proud to claim that we are the only system available that can cover 100% of all areas with 100% validity.

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First talks between Sani nudge and Southern Denmark Region

On October 22th, Sani nudge had the pleasure of introducing the benefits of the hand hygiene solution to Kurt Espersen, Group Director of Region of Southern Denmark and former VP of Bispebjerg Hospital. It was a great first meeting with lots of potential!

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Sani nudge wins EY award at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

On the 27th of September, Sani nudge won the EY award at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) Demo Day!

This event was hosted by The Go Grow Accelerator and the Digital Growth Path by CSE. Sani nudge has been part of both programs, which were designed to help us boost our business success and prepare us for international growth.

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Nomination for the Annual Initiative Award 2018 by Region Midtjylland!

Since 2015, Aarhus Universitets Hospital has participated in the development and testing of the Sani nudge system to improve their hand hygiene. Their collaboration has resulted in a nomination for the Annual Initiative Award hosted by the Regional Council.

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