Sani nudge wins EY award at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

On the 27th of September, Sani nudge won the EY award at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) Demo Day!

This event was hosted by The Go Grow Accelerator and the Digital Growth Path by CSE. Sani nudge has been part of both programs, which were designed to help us boost our business success and prepare us for international growth.

The Demo Day Pitch concluded a 4-month period during which we collaborated with personal mentors, experts, CSE staff and fellow start-ups. Together with 14 other start-ups, we demonstrated our business concept and traction gained so far in front of an audience of business angels, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, industry experts, professionals and of course, friends and family.

We are very grateful that this led to an acknowledgment of our success by EY! They emphasized that our successful struggle to improve healthcare through better infection prevention was the main driver for the award.

Want to see the pitch for yourself? See our CEO in action:

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