Sani Nudge

Sani Nudge attends Start Alliance in Berlin

From November 12th – 22th, Sani Nudge was part of a 2-week program by Star Alliance Berlin focused on Digital Health. This program was intended for healthtech startups to experience the vibrant startup environment in Berlin and learn about the latest developments in the German healthcare industry.

Germany, and in particular the German capital region is one of the world’s leading centers of life sciences and healthcare industries. Its main strength lies in its unique concentration of science, business and clinics. Increasing numbers of global players and companies based in Berlin are seeking to forge contacts with international startups to invent new digital products and methods for the healthcare market. Berlin alone hosts over 60 accelerators and incubators, many of them in the healthcare sector.

Besides more than 600 biotech, pharmaceutical, and MedTech companies, as well as 130 hospitals, the region is also an important hub of the IT industry including a growing number of IT companies focused on the healthcare market. This environment provides ideal conditions for the development, evaluation, and marketing of innovative digital health solutions.

Sani Nudge, as the leading innovator in hospital hygiene solutions, fits this environment perfectly. Throughout the 2 weeks, we have been able to meet other international health startups, hospitals, insurance companies, and investors while at the same time look for opportunities to extend our business to Germany.

Over the 2 weeks we found out that hospitals are not just interested in our hygiene solution but also in the many other applications our data can provide them to save costs, improve hygiene compliance and ultimately save lives!

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