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First talks between Sani nudge and Southern Denmark Region

On October 22th, Sani nudge had the pleasure of introducing the benefits of the hand hygiene solution to Kurt Espersen, Group Director of Region of Southern Denmark and former VP of Bispebjerg Hospital. It was a great first meeting with lots of potential!

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Sani nudge wins EY award at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

On the 27th of September, Sani nudge won the EY award at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) Demo Day!

This event was hosted by The Go Grow Accelerator and the Digital Growth Path by CSE. Sani nudge has been part of both programs, which were designed to help us boost our business success and prepare us for international growth.

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Nomination for the Annual Initiative Award 2018 by Region Midtjylland!

Since 2015, Aarhus Universitets Hospital has participated in the development and testing of the Sani nudge system to improve their hand hygiene. Their collaboration has resulted in a nomination for the Annual Initiative Award hosted by the Regional Council.

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Experts agree: increased hygiene compliance starts with good measurements

During Denmark’s national hygiene week, experts on DR (Danmarks Radio) discussed how we can avoid these infections and how Sani nudge can play a crucial role.

They agreed that we first need to know what we are up against before we can lower the severe number of infections in our hospitals. More than 4 million patients in European hospitals have to deal with a hospital-acquired infection every single year. It is the most common complication in a hospital setting.We simply cannot improve hand hygiene in hospitals if we do not know how good hand hygiene compliance actually is!

Listen to the radio discussion here (only in Danish).

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Direct Observation: the harm of invalid data

Fool’s gold: something that you think will be very pleasant or successful but is not. Direct observation is no longer the gold standard in hand hygiene performance monitoring. Instead, it rather is the “Fool’s Gold” standard.

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The pilot study – how a hospital improved hand hygiene by 134%

Hospitals that monitor their hand hygiene use direct observations. But as we stipulated in our post about the resemblance between "Fools gold" and the gold standard of hand hygiene monitoring, direct observation is not considered a credible source of information anymore. It is not uncommon for hospitals to report compliance scores above 90% for several years in a row.

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Sani nudge wins health innovation award 2018 by Zimmer Biomet!

We are excited to announce that Sani nudge has won the prestigious Zimmer Biomet Connected Health Award 2018! The award recognizes and celebrates digital innovations in healthcare.

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Have you been in the patient zone?

The patient care situations that involve a risk of infection are closely linked to the surroundings of the respective patient. To disinfect the hands at the right moment, it is therefore important to recognize the different zones within the patient surroundings, which are outlined in the 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene by the WHO.


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