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New faces on board at Sani Nudge

Since its foundation four years ago, Sani Nudge has been growing steadily. The expansion of our team is therefore the logical next step and we are pleased to announce the addition of three new hires.

2019 is only 8 months in, and we can already say this has been a breakthrough year for Sani Nudge. We’re onboarding awesome customers every single month, forging new partnerships and rolling out awesome new features to the platform.

That means we’re growing internally too. We’ve been welcoming new members to our team on an ongoing basis, and we expect to bring on even more new hires this year.

We are proud to announce the addition of three new members to our team: Lars Bratshaug as CCO, Matthias Sperling as Growth Marketer and Aaron Alex as Business Development Manager for our US market entry.

Theis Jensen, CEO of Sani Nudge: “We are very happy to welcome our three new team members. As Sani Nudge is experiencing a lot of interest from both Nordic and international hospitals, we have excelled our sales effort significantly with the expansion of our team. Our company is growing fast and we are more ready than ever for our international expansion. Besides our home market Denmark, we are already active in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and Germany. And we are soon opening our US office! We want to thank all our clients for the ongoing support in this exciting journey. This would not be possible without their commitment to ensure an excellent standard of hand hygiene compliance in their facilities.“

Lars’, Matthias’ and Aaron’s experience will help us strengthen our team in two key areas: business development and marketing.

Lars Bratshaug, CCO

Lars has more than 20 years of experience in international sales and business development and has a strong track record in operational, organizational and sales projects. He has a tremendous amount of energy and a passion for building successful business strategies, as well as an ability to drive sales and growth. He worked in Germany for 5 years and built his own successful startup. When he doesn’t close deals, he enjoys playing golf and growing chillies. Lars says he is “very excited to join Sani Nudge” and sees a “huge potential”.

Matthias Sperling, Growth Marketer

Matthias is a young and incredibly talented Marketer specialized in growth marketing and social media strategies. Though originally from Germany, he relocated to Denmark five years ago and has been working in marketing ever since. He studied media science in Germany and Spain and in his spare time, Matthias enjoys producing music, fishing as well as playing basketball.

Aaron Alex, Business Development Manager

Aaron is a passionate and driven individual with experience in founding and strategically growing/consulting start-ups in the US. He completed his education in Houston with a degree in Biology and Business. He is also helping to grow the local life science innovation ecosystem in the city. In his spare time, Aaron loves to play basketball, draw and also hang out with friends.

Sani Nudge was founded with the dream of helping hospitals engage with their employees to significantly improve their hand hygiene compliance and save the lives of thousands. Four years later, the future could not look brighter.

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