Sani Nudge

Latest results of Sani Nudge’s hygiene improvement presented!

Every year in November, the Danish Society for Hospital Hygiene and Sterile Supply organizes a 2-day conference. Sani Nudge presented here its latest results with the help of special nurse Anne-Mette Iversen from Aarhus Universitets Hospital and Hygiene nurse Christiane Pahl Kavalaris from Bispebjerg Hospital. Both hospitals have been using our system since last year.

During the conference, approximately 200 – 250 participants discuss important subjects related to hospital hygiene and sterile supply. Emphasis is placed on recent experiences and research results that have an immediate and practical use in the daily routines of hospitals.

“We see more that 200% improvement of hand hygiene especially in our toilets where monitoring of hand hygiene compliance used to be impossible” – Anne-Mette Iversen

We look forward to continue our collaboration with both hospitals as well as Region Midtjylland and Region Hovedstaden!

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