Is it time to rethink hand hygiene monitoring?

In collaboration with Aarhus Universitets Hospital and Bispebjerg Hospital, Sani nudge has published a report on the current status of hand hygiene monitoring in hospitals and how improvements can be made by using a new monitoring system.

First, we presented research-based evidence is about the flaws in hygiene monitoring procedures that are currently present in most hospitals. Then, we described steps to improve this suboptimal process. The first challenge that has to be overcome before any improvements can be made is to gather sufficient data about the current situation. That is, compliance of hospital workers has to be measured while they operate under the current hygiene system. Next, a new monitoring system should be installed that gathers data and provides insights into trends and behavior.

Both hospitals that used Sani nudge’s solution to do this have been able to maintain constant levels of good hand hygiene. Moreover, the system provided insights that were not possible to acquire before when manual, labor-intensive procedures were used. Finally, as our system allows the databased of both hospitals to fill up over time, they can expect continuously new insights and improved hygiene compliance levels over time.

Click on the picture below to see the full report!


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