Sani Nudge

Innovation-driven responses to the COVID-19 crisis report features Sani Nudge solution

Covid report

In a report aimed to share digital healthcare and service solutions to help fight COVID-19 produced by Health Tech Hub Copenhagen and Healthcare Denmark, they spotlight Sani Nudge as one of the innovative Danish digital healthcare and service solutions help fight COVID-19. The included initiatives are said to make a difference for both Danish citizens and healthcare professionals.

The report was built to support others to handle the current crisis. Hans Erik Henriksen, CEO of Healthcare DENMARK, and Jesper Grønbæk, Founder and CEO of HealthTech Hub Copenhagen, shared the purpose of the report in the forward, stating:

In this critical situation, public healthcare authorities, companies large and small, and universities
stand united to combine all resources to step up capacity to handle the crisis. This brochure contains examples of some of the extraordinary Danish initiatives, which are making a difference for
Danish citizens and healthcare professionals.”

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