Lost, stolen and underutilized hospital equipment is one of the largest uncategorized expenses in hospitals. With Sani nudge Asset Tracking, hospitals can reduce theft, stop unnecessary purchases and rentals, and eliminate wasted staff time.

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  • Eliminates spend on lost items, rental expenses, and unnecessary equipment purchases.
  • Frees employees to care for patients instead of wasting time locating assets.
  • Ensures annual maintenance is conducted on all equipment, creating a safer environment for patients.


  • Eliminates spend on lost items, rental expenses, and unnecessary equipment purchases.
  • Room-level accuracy for locating tagged assets. Sani nudge provides a fully managed service alleviating any heavy lifting by the hospital.
  • Three-year battery life on asset tags eliminates time spent replacing individual batteries.
  • Multi-faceted search capabilities (by unit, asset number, and owner).

Everyone benefits from choosing Sani nudge


Infection control nurses

Infection control nurses have a tough job. Your goal is to reduce HAls and keep patients safe. In a complex healthcare organization with sometimes thousands of team members, this is a challenge.

We’re here to help. Imagine doubling – or even tripling – hand hygiene rates. Imagine reducing HAls by 30 – 65%. Our hospital partners have enjoyed results like these.

Our electronic hand hygiene system does more than just track hand hygiene performance or number of sanitations. It also offers a visual nudge in the moment to clinicians that forget to clean their hands. The technology is nonintrusive and has high staff acceptance rates. It measures virtually every hand hygiene opportunity and provides actionable data to you, managers and clinicians.

Best of all, we make it easy to get executive and budget approval. Our affordable pilot programs allow your team to try us on before undertaking a big commitment. Bring us in to your executives and we’ll be happy to address any of their questions or concerns.

Hospital executives

Won’t meetings with the board, the media, and the community go more smoothly when your hospital has fewer HAIs and infectious disease outbreaks? And won’t it be even more meaningful if this could actually save your hospital money rather than adding to its costs? And if staff sick leave is reduced and patient experience improves, along with the hospital’s reputation in the community, all the better.

Our system has reduced HAIs between 30%-65% and staff sick leave by 72%, saving millions of euros and providing a positive ROI while increasing patient satisfaction.


We have yet to meet an underworked clinician. Nurses, physicians, physiotherapists…they’re all extremely busy and hardworking people. They’re also extremely compassionate people that want the best for their patients.

The vast majority of clinicians understand the link between hand hygiene and healthcare-associated infections, and they know how important hand hygiene is. But in the daily rush in and out of patient rooms, they can sometimes forget to clean their hands.

Sani nudge helps solve this problem with a visual nudge. It’s supportive as opposed to punitive, and has contributed to HAIs declining by 30% – 65%.

Staff acceptance among clinicians at our hospital partners is high, since our technology and process make it easy to improve your hand hygiene performance. Ultimately, this keeps patients – as well as you and your family – safer.


For most patients in a hospital, their goal is to get healthy as soon as possible so they can return home. Most of the time, this happens. But sometimes hospital patients catch a healthcare-associated infection (HAI). There are many reasons for HAIs, but the main one is that clinicians sometimes forget to clean their hands in between patients.

Clinicians are hard-working and highly compassionate people – they don’t intend to forget to clean their hands, but they’re typically caring for a lot of patients and are moving very quickly. The Sani nudge system helps nurses, physicians and technicians to clean their hands before and after they have cared for you.

You may see a light flash from one of the dispensers, which is there to help healthcare workers focus on hand hygiene. Using Sani nudge shows that your hospital has taken extra measures to keep you and other patients safe.

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