Your personal help to improve hand hygiene

Consider The Saninudge system your personal help to always follow hand hygiene guidelines. If you forget, it remembers. Saninuduge is a module that is attached to existing soap and alcohol dispensers, that reminds healthcare personal to wash hands with an unobtrusive nudge.


Each dispenser module is equipped with a simple display and ``gameboy-alike`` speaker enabling the dispenser to emit unobtrusive nudges when a caretaker, patient or visitor needs to be reminded of a hand hygiene moment.


Sensors in personnel ID-card holders and on dispensers enable hygiene activity to be captured automatically. Manual observation and recording is a thing of the past.


The system seamlessly provides real-time data with exceptional clarity. Effortlessly monitor and analyze individual and unit compliance levels to encourage sustainable culture change.

A nurse using hand sanitizer before entering patients' rooms.Need more medical imagery Check out my


The SaniNudge system helps healthcare professionals to prevent the spread of pathogens. Our dispenser module ensure on-demand reminders in any hygiene situation.


``Two heads are better than one``. The same counts for the dispenser modules. They work in a connected network to help maintain a 100% hand hygiene compliance.

Predictive hand hygiene

The systems' goal is not just to nudge. By taking historical hygiene behavior into account the Saninudge module can predict if a hand hygiene event will be met or not and prepare the nudge before a healthcare worker can forget to sanitize.