We help hospitals eliminate medical errors
Who are we?

Saninudge is a product of Danish company Konduto ApS. We are on a mission to help healthcare institutions eliminate medical errors. We believe that any health care setting should be a safe environment and that this can be obtained through the power of real-time data analysis.

We bring additional insight about hand hygiene cultures and behaviors and keep optimize processes for our customers with new available technologies.

Our values

Driven by purpose: Every team member at Saninudge knows that their efforts impact a patient in one of our hospitals. We work towards a future where healthcare delivery is safer for all humanity.

Honesty rules: Disagreement is welcome at Saninudge – we believe that only through respectful feedback, debate, and dissent within our office, can we reach ideas that will thrive in the world.

It’s okay to fail: Failures are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them – we believe in sharing our experiments, our data and our learnings across our team. Innovation comes from a breadth of ideas, some of which are bound to fail.

Breathe eternal optimism: The struggle of fixing health care is real. No matter how difficult a day has been, we always get back to work knowing that the struggle makes our service better. This grit defines who we are, and our determination to build the healthcare system that we want to see in the world. 

Data rules: When it comes to making hard decisions, data trumps experience or seniority. The loudest voice in our office is always the data, and for an idea to be taken seriously it must be built with numbers at their core.


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