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Consistent hand hygiene is the first and most important action caregivers make in the battle against hospital-acquired infections.
However, despite diligent efforts, the annual statistics on affected patients and the cost of infection control are staggering.

That changes now.

Find the Problem

Gather accurate compliance data among your clinical staff, patients and relatives.

Save Lives

Protect your vulnerable patients from a preventable infection

Change Habits

Provide unobtrusive nudges for staff to perform hand hygiene according to your hand hygiene guidelines

The Problem

40% of all HAIs are directly caused by poor hand hygiene.

147K Europeans are dying as a result of HAI every year.

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15% of men don't wash at all 33% of people don't use soap 95% of people are using cutting corners

Healthcare workers must not just sanitize on room entry and exit, but up to

100 times on a single 8 Hour shift



Outfit your healthcare organization with the ultimate symbol of hygiene impact - an intelligent sensor network that nudges healthcare workers, patients, and relatives to ensure high hand hygiene compliance in the entire hospital. The system's deep learning algorithms provides your quality department with vital insight into your hospitals hygiene culture and empowers them to improve it
Track the path of low hand hygiene culture and figure out why and when the compliance is low. The system can predict when and what will impact the hand hygiene level and provide both healthcare workers and management with recommendations on how to prevent before the harm is done.
Installation is plug-and-play. Simply attach the hygiene sensor to the dispenser and the patient sensor on the wall near the bed. No wires or technical demanding configurations are required.
Intelligent nudging help hospital staff remember to sanitize according to local guidelines. Each sensor collaborates to know when you have last sanitized your hands, hence avoiding false registrations.

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Location Beacon

No matter how large or small your institution, location information is tracked and managed with accuracy ensuring the availability of real-time reporting at your fingertips.

Dispenser Sensor

Every hand sanitizer and soap dispenser become a smart device equipped with the Nudging sensor that measures hand hygiene compliance and nudges when needed.
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The hand hygiene dashboard provide the hygiene organisation with a unique insight into the hand hygiene behavior available to view on a hospital-wide, unit-wide, or staff group within specific timeframes and situations.

Mobile Reporting App

The mobile reporting app allows users to anonymously view their own hand hygiene progress at any time. The app includes a dashboard showing their daily, weekly, and monthly progress as well as leaderboards on both individual and unit levels allowing them to compare their status with their department.


Track hand hygiene behaviour with high accuracy and identify the where compliance is high and where an extra effort is needed.
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Let the healthcare workers follow their own compliance in the Saninudge app for iPhone and Android smart phones and receive customised recomendations on how to improve hand hygiene.
Saninudge App
Patient Sensor


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Deep dive into the behaviour that defines your hand hygiene culture. With access to the Saninudge advanced analytics, your organisation is provided with a full view of every aspect that has an impact on your hand hygiene compliance.
Advanced data analytics


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About Us

Saninudge connects hand hygiene to the cloud in hospitals.Our sensor network collects real-time data on compliance,
improving staff habits over time with increased accountability.

Culture change powered by our patented nudging technology is the key to delivering error-free, high quality care.Our vision is to eradicate medical errors by laying the foundation for the connected hospital and building a culture of quality in healthcare. Hand hygiene is the first step towards achieving this goal.
“It is our moral obligation as health providers to give every patient an infection free environment.”
Marco Bo Hansen MD,PhD and Clinical Responsible at Saninudge

Our Team

Marco Bo Hansen Clinical Director
Morten T. Egholm CTO
Theis Jensen CEO

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