Intelligent, cost-saving hand hygiene management

Sensors, dashbards, reports, and insight.

Saninudge is a wireless, non-intrusive, clinician-centered hand hygiene monitoring technology designed to help hospitals improve and report compliance for staff and visitors.

The system is the first and only of its kind using intelligent nudging to provide healthcare workers, patients, and guests the needed support to always stay compliant 

Hand hygiene made easy

We are on a mission to make easy, affordable and intelligent hand hygiene management standard in healthcare settings. 

Deep insight

Receive data on your hospitals hand hygiene compliance around the clock in the entire hospital.


Avoid the spread of germs between patients and the occurrence of preventable infections.

Real-time help

Help your staff proactively to perform hand hygiene before the point of patient contact.


Provide your quality department with the tools to prevent the spread of germs in the entire hospital.


Saninudge reminds users (if needed) to perform hand hygiene according to local guidelines, helping to significantly reduce HAI risk.


Saninudge visually reassures when proper hand hygiene has been performed with visual nudges, thus laying the foundation for behavior change. 


Saninudge seamlessly captures and records all user hand hygiene activity and works with most sanitizer and soap dispensers.


Saninudge automatically aggregates data into meaningful dashboards and actionable recommendations which are available to authorized users on a continuous basis.

Intelligent wireless sensors

Saninudge connects hand hygiene and sensor technology to provide an until now unobtainable insight into your hospital’s hygiene culture. Our sensor network collects real-time data on compliance, while autonomously improving staff habits with the Saninudge predictive nudging™ technology. Culture change powered by technology is the key to delivering error-free, and high-quality care. Our mission is to help our customers eliminate medical errors by laying the foundation for the connected hospital while building a culture of quality in their health care settings. 

Hand hygiene is the first step towards achieving our goal.


Sensors in personnel badges and dispensers enable hygiene activity to be captured with no changes to workflow. Manual observation is a thing of the past, without the need to drop powerlines or replace dispensers.


Our system delivers RealCompliance™, accurate compliance data with individual and room-level granularity. Accuracy leads to accountability, accountability leads to change.


The fully integrated system seamlessly provides real-time data from across the hospital with exceptional clarity. Infection control professionals can effortlessly monitor and improve individual and unit compliance levels to encourage sustainable culture change.

did you know?

The impact of hospital acquired infections also called “HAI” is a universal problem reaching from the poorest environments to the best hospitals in the world. Here are some facts you might not know about the scale of the problem

Why can nudging make a difference?

The Saninudge system uses predictable nudging technology, developed through several years of research. The technology works by using historical knowledge on individual’s behavior to induce unobtrusive nudges just before a person will forget to perform hand hygiene according to guidelines. The unique predictable nudges are designed by the system to have the highest impact on each individual. It works by constantly analyzing massive amounts of both internal and external data.

How can HAIs be eliminated?

It will never be possible to completely eliminate HAIs as they can occur to even the healthiest patients from various sources from the patient’s own skin or the air. But research state that up to 60% of all infections can be eliminated if healthcare workers, patients and guests follow hand hygiene regulations. Making sure everyone follows guidelines is not an easy task that requires extensive knowledge into why, when, and how the hand hygiene culture is in each individual healthcare setting.

What is the cost of HAI?

The overall cost is more than €8 billion annually for the European healthcare system – not taking the post hospitalization cost into consideration. The cost of a single infection is difficult to calculate as it can range from €5,000 to €1 million depending on extra admission time, operations, and in-hospital treatments. A typical 200-bed hospital will have annual avoidable expenses at around €2-4 million on preventable HAIs.

What is a hospital acquired infection?

hospital-acquired infection (HAI), also known as a nosocomial infection, is an infection that is acquired in a hospital or other health care facility. To emphasize both hospital and nonhospital settings, it is sometimes instead called a health care–associated infection (HAI or HCAI). Such an infection can be acquired in hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation facility, outpatient clinic, or other clinical settings. Infection is spread to the susceptible patient in the clinical setting by various means.

How to acquire an HAI?

Health care staff can unintentionally spread infection, in addition to contaminated equipment, bed linens, or air droplets. The infection can originate from the outside environment, another infected patient, staff that may be infected, or in some cases, the source of the infection cannot be determined. In some cases the microorganism originates from the patient’s own skin microbiota, becoming opportunistic after surgery or other procedures that compromise the protective skin barrier.

How many acquire HAIs?

The impact of HAIs is very extensive. Every year more than 4 million patients in European hospitals acquire an infection after they have been admitted to a hospital.    

Can you die from a HAI?

Sadly you can and too many patients do. Every year 37.000 patients die from an HAI in Europe alone. In the US a staggering 100,000 patients lose their life to an HAI.

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Many public and private institutions are supporting us on our mission to help health care facilities improve patient safety. 

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